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Saint Louis Live!

Jan 11, 2018

Leaning in to the mic socks is never a good idea. They have a little bit of an odor. Vegas is at the top of the standings and that's pretty wild. Preacher Lawson (@PreacherLawson) joins us live in studio! Cursing in front of Preacher's mom is not allowed under any circumstances. Preacher promises he won't do bad jokes this weekend. AGT changed his life and he has absolutely no negative reaction to it whatsoever. LA is different from Memphis but Preacher moved around a lot. The insanity of being around people older who are ridiculously funny is hard to wrap your head around sometimes. Men by and large are pretty gross and terrible. Sometimes celebrities need their space, no matter how big they are. Sometimes random guests are very un-self aware but sometimes the conversation is great. Burping into the radio microphone is a big challenge sometimes. The RFT took a weird shot at the source in the Greitens affair and it doesn't reflect well on them. Greitens may get to stay but it'll end up being a political question more than a legal question. Does Cal May ask the first question at Winter Warmup? Fair or Foul closes the show as always.