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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 16, 2017

It's time for TARGET PRACTICE! Sarah Pearl (@standupsarah) is in studio to tear into Taylor Swift. There's some discussion about Sarah's set and whether or not we need to rename Target Practice. LiAngelo and crew said thanks to Trump and Travis thinks he embarrassed the culture. An extended discussion on contacts with police including Sarah's tale of a sojourn into the woods of Arkansas and a cop who was trying to stop her from ruining her life. Undercover cops in Detroit may have had a little bit of a miscommunication. Weirdly enough, with a woman in studio, Mike Lee calls in. Travis wants to go to Gaga for free and Sarah says she'd take him, but she may be fibbing. Who the hell would store citronella candles next to books in a warehouse? Fair or Foul closes the show as always.