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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 7, 2017

Roger Goodell is officially getting paid and Gaines says it's about the next CBA negotiations. Players aren't that thrilled about it. The players can't wait out the owners so the sacrifices are difficult. The divide among players has been able to be exploited over the years. It's difficult to get the players together and organized. DeMaurice Smith has won the media and has a lot of experience but has a bad relationship with Goodell and may not be effective as the head of the PA. The NFLPA has a challenge because Tom Brady really doesn't care about the labor things. Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding is some generous casting but Tonya Harding really was kind of a dime in the 90s. Is it weird that Margot Robbie was buddy buddy with Tonya Harding? The media painted Nancy Kerrigan pretty unfairly. Suicide Squad could've been a career ruiner. Margot Robbie might be mad if she was in the wrong year. Is Jennifer Lawrence's moment over? Chris is going to go cover the UFC. Travis ate all of Dave's pizza. We try to talk about Jerusalem for a while. Travis just wants to ignore Trump as much as possible. Chris's brother is coming and Travis is exciting. Stephen Piscotty could end up in Oakland and Shohei Ohtani may be in Seattle. Gaines is beyond furious with Mozeliak talking about traffic. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always.