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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 6, 2017

Mizzou won last night but didn't cover vs. Miami Ohio. Travis refuses to concede that Mizzou might ever play bad. Gaines may or may not like to listen to other people. Michael Porter was on the bench last night and Travis is pretty excited. If MPJ ever comes back then Gaines wants a full investigation. The damn Kroenkes are everywhere still. Go get the money, Drew Lock. Go get the money now. Dan Patrick is naming Drew Lock as a draft surprise so it's getting real. Lock has some actual Mizzou loyalty. Maybe Mizzou should bring in Dave Christensen. Gaines is convinced that Josh Heupel is just not a good case. Rafael Palmeiro thinks he's coming back to the majors. This is just like when Bernie Mac came back to play for the Brewers. Chris and Jeff have never seen Mr. 3000. Benchwarmers was a great baseball movie. Travis can't believe that people saw Benchwarmers. Celtic Pride was a great basketball movie, and so was The Sixth Man. Does Shawshank Redemption count as a baseball movie? Darlene Green was hiding all day yesterday and Travis thinks her move was the blackest thing ever done at City Hall. It may be weird that Jeff knows where Gardner lives. Jeff defends the Morning Melee. Fair or Foul closes the show as always.