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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 5, 2017

There's a Shake Shack in Delaware so maybe it's not cool. How long will you wait at a restaurant? Chris may be more forgiving of restaurants than Jeff is. The Lou would never make you wait for an hour. Jeff thinks the Titanic is interesting and nobody else does. SLU High didn't go on a lot of field trips. Jeff saw Hamilton on Broadway and may brag about it too often. What's the Mt. Rushmore of Christmas movies? The Santa Clause is underrated. Ralphie's mom plays a topless lesbian in Slap Shot. There's gonna be Star Wars in perpetuity. Does Katy Perry look like Emily Blunt? Chris is convinced they look alike but nobody else does. Jeff saw Ben Gibbard break a guitar. Is midget ok to say? Michael Scott may have ruined U2. Chris hates Dave Matthews Band. Gaines has never heard of Sublime. Do people fight less at sporting events than they used to? Fights at Rams games just used to burn themselves out. Being a big man on a plane can mean an empty seat sometimes. Every group of friends needs a Dark Web Guy. The financial situation for the Blues was really bad for a really long time. Spagnuolo's voice should have been the first warning sign. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always.