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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 4, 2017

Gaines's uncle and Chris's brother are coming in town and they may hate Travis. Did Travis force the creation of food runners so he would have to do less work? Travis's home remedy may have cured Chris's busted ankle. The government is now charging you for home remedies. Gaines isn't happy with the jerseys for the Army/Navy game. They may be coming out of the DOD budget. How long does it take a $10.5M buyout check to clear the bank? Jeff once wrote a $4M check. Time released their Person of the Year list and everyone is on it. Jeff went through a whole boring thing trying to see Lady Bird. Chris watched some UFC this weekend. Overeem got punched really hard in the head and it almost flew off. Jeff puts everyone through the paces with testing their emo knowledge. Gaines says someone was singing Travis's movie intro but he was lying. Pauly Shore is in town next week and Jeff wants an autograph. LaVar Ball is no longer allowed to be asked questions during or after Lakers games. The Rams are good and it's super depressing. Marcus Peters threw a flag into the stands and wasn't ejected even though he thought he was. The Patriots had a whole thing on the sideline yesterday and it's out of character. Gronk cheap shotted a guy and Belichick apologized for him after the game. Travis wants a suspension but Gaines thinks that generally doesn't happen. The Yankees hired Aaron Boone and Gaines isn't thrilled. Sgt. Major Rose pops into the studio for a surprise visit. Check out The 22 Fund on Facebook. Fair Or Foul closes the show as always.