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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 29, 2017

It's the last Friday of 2017 so we're really shaking out the Katy Perry today. Game Time Drive Time is at Gaslight tomorrow, so make sure you check that out. We weren't always #blessed so we're struggling out here but having an excellent time with it. Gaines's highlight of 2017 was being hired by BBB and LeBron's finals performance. Jeff enjoys seeing sausage being made. Chris loves Target Practice and shaving Travis's head. Travis isn't borrowing someone's car and also putting gas in it. Giamatti has our best drops of 2017 assembled. Lady Bird is probably the most important member of the show this year. Jeff is fine with taking a taser. Would you rather have Manny Machado or have your loan debt go away? We spend some time anticipating the biggest sports story of 2018. Travis is calling a Stanley Cup victory. Travis forgot that he got to hang out with Big Al in 2017. Are we cancelling Fair or Foul at the end of the year? New Year's Eve is amateur night so please don't go out and be stupid. Travis has some fun trying to spell "Rzepczynski." Gaines actually is good at wiffle ball. Gaines also refuses to share McDoubles. Travis is sick of Papa Denman and is coming after JPD. Jeff was on the first and last show of the year and that's unlikely. Travis has some difficulty with what "reporting" is. Chris loves it when Travis interviews himself. Travis is going to walk an hour a week in 2018. Gaines won't say a full sentence to a stranger in 2018. Sex robots are an important part of being a kept man. What the hell happened to Tim Hortons? Travis wants a coffee shop but it can only be black. Mike Girsch really needs a nickname. We might do Target Practice Mo from across the street. Fair or Foul closes 2017 as always.