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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 14, 2017

Lots of baseball talk today. What move could the Cardinals make today that would truly blow your minds? A giant move with the Rays may end up being the most impactful the Cardinals can me. Derrick Goold has to deal with some pretty ridiculous stuff in his job. Pauly Shore cancelled on us and that's probably for the best so Jeff can't embarrass us. Megan Green is running for Board of Alderman President and we like weed a lot more now. Jeff wants to make some shiitake broth. Chris wants everyone to admit to selling drugs but instead mostly just sold candy bars. Megan Green was quiet on Scottrade which is weird. Chris hates Quidditch and Jeff used to go run at the zoo. Dippin Dots is not the ice cream of the future at all. Sean Spicer hates Dippin Dots. We have a comedy show again! A bomb sniffing dog at O'Hare has a pooping problem. Thankfully the pooping dog is still able to do her job well. Are the bomb dogs in the TSA union? There are definitely black dogs and white dogs. Travis says black people steal golden retrievers. Obama got a white dog because he was pandering. Men with toy dogs are always kept men. Can you name a white dog "Kilo?" The Rockets appear to be changing the game right now in the NBA. The Thunder are coming around finally. The Lakers and Cavs will be fun tonight. The Balls are doing their best to be the Kardashians of basketball. The Cardinals took two minor league OF in the Rule V draft and it seems like dominoes. Gaines is excited for Ozuna and Martinez handshakes. Travis is excited that the team is blacking up. Travis was really concerned about Kevin Shattenkirk's hairline. Fair or Foul closes the show as always.