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Saint Louis Live!

Jan 16, 2018

Travis is really excited for Black Panther and he's certain that they've prevented the movie from being part of Hollywood scandal. Gaines almost knows exactly how tall the Arch is. How much did we all go to the Science Center? Travis wants to get rid of the dinosaurs. Chris is credentialed for Wizard World and we're going to get Sean Bean on the show and hope he doesn't die. Going through the list of Wizard World attendees reveals a shockingly impressive list of people. Red Bull is terrible for you but Jeff loves it. Eating a diner breakfast before heading off to the Winter Warm-Up is not the best decision for keeping your tummy under control. Using the bathroom at the Frontenac mall is not a fun proposition. Travis used to see pig roasts in the hallways of the Missouri state capital. How do people hang out in the mall? We do a deep dive into different kinds of public bathrooms. Troughs are a crime against humanity. Jeff once failed to carry a box for a pregnant woman and also once gave the cold shoulder to a blind guy. Fair or Foul closes the show as always.