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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 28, 2017

Travis is already convinced that it's an A+ Tuesday. There may not be a black Elf on the Shelf. Grammy nominations are out and Chris is not a fan of Despacito. Travis thinks Josh Groban is a good one. How do we feel about the neighbor getting the lawn together at 7 on a Tuesday? Travis is regretting chicken being burnt. Travis isn't OK with the text line being used for birthday greetings. Angela Lansbury, it turns out, is still alive. Travis and Jeff were really sure Wilford Brimley died and he did not. Chris's brother is coming in town this weekend and wants to know where to watch the Rams game. We aren't very good at the Dead Or Alive game. The Title IX investigation at SLU is continuing to drag on without an end in sight. Can you say "break a leg" to Pascal before a Blues game? Travis doesn't know who the best team in the NFC is and is afraid it may be the Rams. Jeff was a kept man. It's a deep, dark hole to go down, but Travis wants to try it out. Fair or Foul ends the show as always.