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Saint Louis Live!

Jan 10, 2018

We're all pretty bummed that we may not be able to Maull It anymore. We're feeling old because things that disappeared in our lifetimes are hard to remember. Maull's was probably struggling because people bought it only once a year. Maybe this is like the time Hostess went away and then Twinkies came back. Snack cakes are a very divisive topic. Travis was ashamed by his off brand Twinkies. Off-brand cereal was a little hard to deal with back in the day. Travis wants Zebra Cakes in a place of honor in his wedding. We have a hard time remembering what Maull's tastes like. The free Bread Co is about to shut down. Student loans should work like the free Bread Company. It's Adam Kennedy's birthday today so it's fun to remember the time the Cardinals dumped Kent Bottenfield for Jim Edmonds. Kent Bottenfield looks like he should be on sports talk radio in St. Louis. We spend some time breaking down Kent Bottenfield's musical career. The Kent Bottenfield/Kendrick Lamar mashup would be fantastic. Travis thinks getting Stan Lee caught up in harassment now is about trying to keep Black Panther down. Gaines is checked out because he's wrapped up in Kent Bottenfield. Travis wants to talk about Wahlberg and Gaines isn't having it. Michelle Williams probably should've gotten her dollars instead of settling for no money. Is that movie only getting attention because of all the Kevin Spacey nonsense? Starlin Castro wants out of Miami and Jacob Eason wants out of Georgia. Fair or Foul ends the show as always.