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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 6, 2017

Joined immediately by Mike Ozanian (@MikeOzanian) of Forbes to talk NHL franchise valuations and the business of hockey. The prospective ownership groups have a lot to do with the franchise valuations. The Cardinals get to do whatever they want whenever they want and the Blues have to scrape for every dime. Hey everybody, Travis is here!  Travis says we're going to call Giancarlo "Bam Bam." Poor Brett Cecil might have to change his jersey number again. Travis wants to see a black version of Step Brothers. Was there a single black character in that movie? Recasting black movies as white movies and vice versa is fun. Barber shops are complicated social structures. Gaines wants to see Larry the Cable Guy as Bubba in Forrest Gump. Travis is holding Modern Family accountable. Is Roy Moore the White Cosby? Everyone is texting in so Big Al must be on another show.