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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 30, 2017

Joined right off the hop by Martin Rucker (@RuckerSouthSide) to break down Mizzou football. Gaines is concerned that Josh Heupel is looking for head coaching jobs because he thinks Drew Lock is leaving town. Why does the University of South Alabama hate America? Morning Melee and Fair or Foul get out. Are we eating well right now? Getting customized jerseys can be a tricky thing as a kid. Dick Boushka's number is being worn by Aaron Hines. Greyhound racing is a little weird. Gaines has SLU rumors that he can't say on the air but thinks there will be changes soon. No one ever needs the Matt Lauer button. Geraldo threw himself off a cliff yesterday and Chris thinks the whole conversation is depressing. Rex Tillerson is getting forced out but nobody cares.