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Saint Louis Live!

Jan 11, 2018

We're coming back live with Cardinals legend Kent Bottenfield (@KentBottenfield). Kent says he's a Cardinals fan first and foremost, and Cubs fans give him a hard time for it. Chris asks Kent about hockey coming back to Montreal instead of baseball, and Kent says he thinks soccer is coming back to South America as well. Jeff has ninety second of hockey for everyone. Colton Parayko was in Columbia last night which seems fairly curious. Maybe his background from a bad part of Edmonton makes him think Columbia is cool. Michael Wacha got name dropped on Big Brother a whole bunch a couple seasons ago. UCF is challenging Alabama to a throw down for the national championship. College administrators are probably the worst people at their jobs in the country. Is Heather Kozar related to Bernie Kosar? The Bears hired Mark Helfrich and Gaines is excited about it. Floyd Mayweather was interviewed about the Me Too movement yesterday and gave exactly the Floyd answer you might expect. Harvey Weinstein got smacked in the face out for dinner and Paul Sorvino said he would kill him. We're going Best Of tomorrow so Chris can cover UFC and Jeff can go cover the Cardinals this weekend. Bert Sugar will not be in town this weekend. Is Jeff afraid of Tommy Pham? Giamatti is gonna remix the hockey update music into a sweet EDM jam.