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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 5, 2017

The Winklevoss twins became the world's first bitcoin billionaires yesterday, and it's nice to see the little guy succeeding for once. Is it risky to be a bitcoin pirate? Everyone has their own coins and advertising them can be risky. Seattle is getting a massive renovation of the Key Arena and it may mean a new hockey team. Vegas may not be the best environment for baseball. Dick Vitale may be the only die hard Rays fan. The SLU investigation is dragging out. Herm Edwards may not have known what the Arizona State mascot was. Gaines thinks the model that focuses on the coordinators is great for coaching but doesn't get why you would hire Edwards to be the guy. Tennessee still hasn't hired a coach. Bob Nightengale (@BNIghtengale) of USA Today joins the show to break down some baseball. The David Price deal might be one that they want to wind back. Benjamin Hochman went to meet Gene Bess and got a great burger. Shake Shack comes with exclusivity but there's one in Detroit and Lexington so maybe it's not that cool. Mark Zuckerberg came here so the city might be back.