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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 29, 2017

Everyone is sick this morning, including Benjamin Hochman. We're following up on yesterday's breaking Chrissy Teigen news. Travis has some issues with the word "Nippon." What set off the discrepancy that managed to turn a flight around four hours in? Travis and Gaines have some questions about what Chris does and doesn't eat in the bedroom. Gaines wants to drive a Party Uber and call it a "Puber." Chris would happily kill anyone who breaks their leg on the Oregon Trail. There's no need to stop between here and Memphis and Jeff only stopped between here and Chicago for content. Matty Bear may be at war with Gaines. Dexter Fowler is having a baby during the season and Gaines is holding him accountable. Some people actually do have hot takes about athletes having babies during the season. Travis wouldn't trade Cuonzo for Frank Martin. Frank Martin is Cuban and Cubans may be mean. Going to the Final Four helps save his job. Zach Duke somehow made 56 appearances for the Cardinals and wrote a very nice letter thanking the city for some reason. Jeff and Randy Choate may be doing a pregame show next year. Chris wouldn't even tell on a Cardinals player who murdered someone in the clubhouse. Gary Bennett is a pretty interesting Twitterer. Joined by our good buddy Benjamin Hochman (@hochman) to break down the 2017 sports scene in St. Louis. The transition to The Athletic represents some interesting challenges. There's a demand for high level content but it's really hard to establish a foothold in the marketplace. Travis would really be shocked if the Cardinals didn't do anything else this winter. Mike Lee's Space Bar is coming after us at 9.