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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 4, 2017

Jeff is a little frustrated by the response rate. The deal may be coming imminently or may not. Are other people more credible than us? Jeff thinks it's the Dodgers but Gaines thinks it's just a method to drive the cost up. The Mariners are using players to attract Ohtani and Gaines wants the Cardinals to try the same tactic. Dallas Keuchel made a call that helped push Verlander. Travis thinks the Cardinals have gone out of their way to do everything to get the deal done, but it may not be enough. Travis has now changed his opinion in the middle of a sentence. The national image of St. Louis has a big part to play in why Stanton doesn't want to come to St. Louis. Are they trying hard enough? Gaines is holding Mozeliak accountable. Sean McVay killed Jeff Fisher but Gaines might have brought him back. Gaines is the Saint Louis Live Cleveland mouthpiece and he thinks the fans would rally around Jeff Fisher. Sam Darnold may go back to school just to avoid the Browns. Aledmys Diaz gets shipped off to Toronto for a bag of balls and we barely mentioned it. Who would we have brought to the Stanton meeting? Hologram Stan Musial may have been what would clinch the deal. Travis is excited that he can write off his private jet maintenance now. All of the sudden Travis doesn't want to talk about Michael Porter Sr.'s salary.