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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 28, 2017

Darlene Green has been told by a judge that she must sign the financing agreement for Scottrade Center. Travis is waiting for technology to catch up to grow out his hair. Is Fear The Walking Dead a prequel? Nobody knows. Jeff watched Get Out yesterday with the Wikipedia page open and Chris is happy he picked up on the foreshadowing. Jeff doesn't have the strength to walk away from Allison Williams. The Gotham Awards were last night and awards season is officially underway. There's a really exciting conversation about loaf pans. People with kids don't get to see movies anymore. Rotten Tomatoes is a front for the super apologetic left. Jeff was a huge lame Star Wars nerd. Lady Bird is about a white girl in high school. Did we need more of that? Chris always loved The Lord of the Rings. Travis thinks Clay Travis is a hypocrite and he's right. Chris is back at Rotten Tomatoes and has some thoughts on Movie Turkeys. Chris was incapable of pronouncing the word "Armageddon." Cheers still holds up.