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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 20, 2017

Gaines's news update had some amusing Jeff Fisher news that may or may not be real. Just ask Lavar. Travis claims he's never heard of apple butter and no one believes him. Kris Jenner was getting after it early and Robert Kardashian may not get enough credit. Black people live in rural areas in the south. Are buffets for poor people? Actual breaking news: Trevor Trout is going to USC. Is ham a top three breakfast meat? Jeff likes crab meat for breakfast and everyone thinks he's dumb. Why aren't there any black celebrity chefs? Travis lets everyone know that Jews are basically black and that chitterlings are an important part of black Thanksgiving. A chicken gizzard is not a thing that hangs from the neck, but instead a part of the gastric lining. The Giants have a deal on the table for Stanton and Gordon and it doesn't look very appealing. It's Trump/Lavar time! Big Baller Insider Michael Gaines has important information for us. Covering Trump looks different from every other President, but that may be because he's a very different President.