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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 16, 2017

Travis is an intro guy so he's saving his voice. Jeff doesn't know the difference between Gene Siskel and Gene Shalit. Travis is a hardcore Mizzou shill and says Drew Lock is one of the top three QBs in this year's draft, and he actually might be. Gaines thinks it's time to let Odom go no matter what and he's accused of hating coaches. We're fighting about Bo Pellini this morning. Travis thinks Barry Odom being good to the university and the players is enough reason to keep him and Gaines wants to know how Travis knows that. Mizzou and Illinois football are probably only separated by Drew Lock and Lovie. D calls in and declares his bonafides as a football guy. Titanic came on two VHS tapes and Gaines thinks that's hilarious. Travis may have stolen a great joke. Gaines saw a dad accidentally bring his two young kids to Bruno and it was a defining moment in his life. Arlington calls in to talk about nudity and Real Sex. Travis isn't sure if Jerry Maguire is a football movie. Jeff accidentally made a heroin spoon.