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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 6, 2017

Gaines thinks Jeff turns into Trump when the Blues are involved. What would Cara Spencer's Trump nickname be? French hats are called "chapeaux" and Gaines and Chris claimed not to know it. Cara Spencer may be "Stop Sign Spencer." Jeff had to take a sign to a protest so he didn't look like a cop. Doug Armstrong is in the middle of a contract negotiation and Brayden Schenn is helping. Momma Gaines says Happy St. Nick's Day. Did everyone check their shoes this morning? We learn about Saint Nicholas. Carl Winslow once got shot on Family Matters. Old sitcoms had some really heavy episodes. Everyone was super in to Krampus for a while. Jeff might be trying to get Vladimir Tarasenko killed. Reginald VelJohnson is not verified on Twitter. Dr. Ed comes in and joins the show as always. What does Dr. Ed think about eating lizards? Dr. Ed had to give a Clydesdale a shot and Gaines wants to know about the needle. Dr. Ed describes an elephant necropsy in detail. Dr. Ed says the way to force a dog to change foods is to get backbone. Jeff is more afraid of primates than big cats and Dr. Ed thinks he's an idiot. We're officially opposed to going into the zoo exhibits. Gaines explains the Big Baller Brand to Dr. Ed.