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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 7, 2017

Travis is going to try three hours today. Gaines is here with the matte finish on his hair. Gaines and Chris have shower problems. Michelle Wolf has gotten the WAL bump and may or may not be ethnically ambiguous. Hockey Bob's Uber patrol is providing a lot of content this morning. Gaines was a regular caller to Kevin Slaten in high school. Mike Lee's Space Bar calls in to show off the speakerphone in his office. Larry Conners says Giamatti is a fine young man. Chris doesn't know who Tony Hrkac is so he can't go to Affton. There's a lot of Lululemon at the Whole Foods hot bar. Giancarlo Stanton was liking social media stuff yesterday and he may put Hunter Pence out of a job. Gaines has an update on the Paul brothers. Gaines is excited to watch Psych The Movie. Joined by Brandon Lang (@RealBrandonLang) to talk about whatever Brandon talks about. Gaines is looking for losses for the Rams because we're not content to just assume they're going to win. Some people are rooting for the forest fire. Travis going to tank Hockey Bob's Uber rating. Gaines is after Stu Durando and Chris wants Mike Martz at Mizzou.