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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 14, 2017

Travis is playing Here Comes The King to start the show this morning. Are we allowed to make Marcel the Monkey jokes? Probably not. Marcell Ozuna is on the way to Busch and Travis says there's going to be a parade. Alien Ant Farm played a set behind Jen Langosch while she was being interviewed. Travis thinks there's an improvement that could help catch the Cubs but Chris isn't convinced. The Cardinals have the blackest or perhaps best OF in the NL. Gaines is not pumped about Ozuna but the price seemed to be right. Travis is trying to talk himself into Manny Machado coming to St. Louis. Jeff thinks the Cardinals got close to Longoria and Colome but Machado may have been cheaper than expected. The trade for CC Sabathia ended up not really costing the Brewers anything, and he could be re-flipped at the deadline. The Ozuna trade isn't a long term deal, so go get Machado and make it happen. The Marlins are officially a pawn shop right now. Trading with the Marlins has worked out OK for the Cardinals in the past. Brandon Lang (@RealBrandonLang) hops on the show to do what Brandon does. Travis tries to talk about his fantasy team. Ryan Shazier has a complicated name. Travis is putting the hammer down on the Lang interview. Expensive shirts may be a waste.