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Saint Louis Live!

Jan 11, 2018

We're off and running with Giamatti having some struggles turning microphones on. Chris and Jeff have sweaty pits but Gaines says he never has that problem. GIamatti is the fashion expert of the show. Has anyone here taken an IQ test? The pipeline to different colleges definitely comes from a variety of friend groups. Governor Greitens is having a difficult morning, and the Friends Of WAL page had the news before it was released last night. Greitens is denying all of the blackmail allegations while acknowledging the affair. Any more confirmation of the blackmail aspect of the story would probably be enough to run Greitens's career into the ground. An MLB agent got caught recording his clients in the shower and Gaines knew him personally. Did Gaines "network" with this agent? Mizzou had a hugely important win last night. Brandon Lang (@realbrandonlang) joins the show to talk about excitement with his Jaguars and the rest of the NFL. Football experts are heavy on the Falcons over the Eagles but the money is on the Eagles. That game will be difficult to bet. App State outdrew the Chargers and Gaines says it's fake news, but Jeff is demanding everyone supports the Neers. Go Neers, drink beers.