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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 4, 2017

Gaines was making some pasta over the weekend and Chris is only eating vegetables now. Gaines went to cook at a newly married friend's house because they have a bunch of new toys to play with. Jeff had his life saved by a couch-bound quasi-roommate who went to go smoke and found a sideview mirror fire. The CFB playoff is set and Travis thinks Oklahoma is going to get rolled. Four seed Bama is a favorite over Clemson and that helps justify their presence over Ohio State. Bomb Pop Guy calls Gaines out for trying to beat Vegas. Mizzou is heading to the Texas Bowl and it's part of the revenge tour. Chris jumped immediately to the strip clubs in Texas. We're anti-Houston on this show. Terry Beckner is coming back next year but Drew Lock may not, because Chris Mortensen said he could be a first round pick. Mizzou is going to have a mean D-line next year, and that's necessary considering how rough the schedule is going to be. Would Travis text a girl from Texas? Texas rules! Travis is the new resident expert on the Texas Bowl. Can Travis use a press credential to sneak in to the Texas Bowl and get drunk? Everyone in Houston impersonates James Harden to get his runoff. Gaines reminds us that SLU invited the forward pass. Mizzou may be the academic class of the SEC, but are they better than a single Big 10 team? The committee should've taken Roy Moore into consideration. Travis is sticking up for Mizzou's academic standards. Mizzou is definitely not a tier one law school.