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Saint Louis Live!

Dec 29, 2017

Gaines is playing in a Wiffle Ball tournament this weekend that might be a front for some kind of money laundering. Thankfully, it's indoors. Everyone is sick right now and we're limping big time to the finish line. We had an awesome turnout for our comedy show last night, so thanks! Would you rather be firing out both ends for two days or have the sniffles for a week? Travis had to deal with some baby hawks this morning. Why the hell can't people in St. Louis get west on 40 when it curves even a little bit? Merging is a serious issue. We're anti-bicycle around here. Jeff calls pedestrians "walkies." St. Louis has a black police chief now. Gaines would've preferred a police chief be hired from outside of St. Louis. We'd love to have Chief Hayden on but, shockingly, City Hall is not super good at answering emails. Is St. Louis the Browns or Patriots of crime? We probably wouldn't get arrested for putting bow ties on statues, but Travis might. The Gaines for Mayor campaign is getting swinging in earnest. Travis wants to run the zoo so he can ride the animals. Gaines wants to charge a gym membership to the zoo. Lil Wayne is going to be here for NYE and we're trying to name the Migos. Jeff used to drunk dial the White House which is probably not very cool. We had an excellent time at Listener Lunch yesterday and Hockey Bob was definitely holding court. Travis is on the rocks with JBro. We're too humble for ratings. Jeff plays the Team USA victory song and Travis won't allow cursing to represent our country. The Starbucks guy took care of Chris this morning. Jeff starts talking about Mike Hoffman and Gaines realized that Jeff breached the DMZ of the hockey minute. Johnny Football may be heading up north to the CFL. Manziel may be showing up at Wrestlemania to throw an XFL ball at somebody's head. Gaines is anti-Bieber now that he's turned his life over to Christ. Jason DeRulo screams his own name too much. We all try singing our own names. Travis may have relations in the new year.