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Saint Louis Live!

Jan 16, 2018

Travis is back today after making his MLK Day very special yesterday by dropping shots on white people for using weak MLK quotes on Facebook. Travis is ready for passive aggression. Do the DeWitts actually own the Blues? The city may have enacted a little bit of theatre. Michael Girsch was at the Winter Warm-Up but didn't actually do anything. Is he on an internship? We're a little curious about Tyler O'Neill's biceps. We're spoiling Game of Thrones on the air because it's been long enough to talk about ice dragons. Chris is approaching 2009 Rams-level apathy with the St. Louis Cardinals. We kick off the inaugural "Halt!" by breaking down Bill DeWitt Jr.'s comments. Only Rick Hummel is allowed to wear the cool reporter's cap. Gaines thinks there are simply more important things going on in the building than winning baseball games right now. It turns out that reserved pessimism was the right attitude to take toward the Cardinals all along. Addison Reed would've gotten the Cardinals halfway to that 5 WAR threshold.