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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 28, 2017

El Monstero is coming in to record We Are Live! today and it's going to be super exciting. The text box is going to be super important today. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the news and the Russian stuff. Hey, Travis is here! We're being unnecessarily observational of Travis's clothes and wristband today. Chris really wants the hot stove to warm up. The longer the Stanton thing drags out, the weirder it starts to feel. Chris would be happier if Eric Hosmer liked fat chicks. Matheny appears to be the guy but not everyone is thrilled about it. Chris hates Joe Crede. Alex Reyes's Instagram clearly shows that he's headed to Florida. Travis is making it clear that he's happy to spend as much of Bill DeWitt's money as possible. All the Japanese guys end up in Seattle. Travis has remedies for ankle swelling. The Grizzlies fired Coach Fizdale and Travis says he's a very nice guy. The reliance on Marc Gasol as your franchise guy may be a little misguided. Jeff doesn't know anything about real sports.