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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 27, 2018

Chris, Travis and Gardner are in-studio. The show is off to a good start with Gardner’s mic not working. Travis surprisingly reacts very reasonably to the Braves, and not the Cardinals, signing Josh Donaldson to a one-year contract. A friend of Gardsy’s says the Cards are legit suitors for Bryce Harper. Trav acknowledges his senseless optimism about Harper landing with the Redbirds and wants to score the first interview with the slugger. TT is upset to find out Chris ‘wrote’ a joke for the Sklar Brothers. The ‘Saint Louis Live!’ cast divulges a number of jokes cut from their recent performance at Project Wake Up’s comedy night. C. William documents the unintentionally perverted way he orders coffee at Starbucks. Denman is forced to admit he has never seen the sitcom ‘Frazier.’