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Saint Louis Live!

Nov 20, 2017

Happy Monday! Travis steals all of his winter wear from the Metrolink. Gaines reiterates that hockey doesn't start until January and is confused by Brayden Schenn. Everyone is sick, or mostly just Jeff. Travis says he wears a "scub cap." Mizzou is going bowling thanks to their lovely schedule which involves everyone's coach getting fired. Jeff polls the room on pie season. Gaines doesn't like going to other people's Thanksgiving celebrations. Barry Odom gets a bonus for making a bowl game and Gaines thinks it's a scam and he's not wrong. Chris thinks it's A Lock that the QB is gone and Travis doesn't know how he Drew that up. Does Lock compare to AJ McCarron? Blaine Gabbert may or may not have a good football name. Travis explains classic literature and knows about Of Mice and Men. The TV cart at Travis's high school was chained to the closet. Travis is making everyone watch black films in exchange for the books. Travis is not reading any book that has a movie about it. Too Short is in town this weekend and there's bottle service involved. Travis offers tips for hitting up the after spot. Travis says the Stanton trade offer is breaking news and it may not be, but we break it down anyway. The Cardinals rotation for next year is more in flux than we're acknowledging. Chris says he gives up unless they acquire Stanton and Chris Archer.